Cake Decorating & Candy Making Classes in Newark, Delaware

Cannon's Cake & Candy Supplies offers instructive cake decorating classes, as well as baker's supplies, such as specialty boxes for cake and candy treats. Contact us for more information.


Cannon's Cake & Candy Supplies holds classes for cake decorating and candy making for the home decorator. We teach everyone: novice, intermediate and advanced bakers and decorators. We also offer specialty classes, including rose making for cakes and Easter egg filling.

Classes are held in the early evenings in the fall and spring. Prices vary from $10-$60, depending on the class. Some classes have supplies provided, and others require you to purchase your own.
Chef Decorating a Cake - Cake and Candy Supplies in Newark, DE
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Curb your sweet tooth when you make great tasting confectionaries at our shop in Newark, Delaware.
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